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Gifts sent to health, water purification equipment is the gift of choice! The traditional festival, many consumers began to prepare gifts for friends, send gifts water purifier.
  1. Celebrating Shanghai Changyang get 8 patent certificates
  2. Celebrating the opening of Jiangsu Yancheng Water Purifier E
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Water is the source of life, water conservation is everyone's responsibility. From now on, save every drop of water, do not let people's tears become the last drop of water in the world!
  1. Currently Smallest Water Purification Equipment in the wold,
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Due to the expansion of the company's business, is now recruiting more than foreign trade sales staff, mainly in charge of the region: the United States, Canada, Germany and other European and American regions.

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Image keywords Shanghai Chuangyang Water Treatment Co., Ltd. specilize in water treatment product and water treatment system. Product development and sales, engineering and installation, technical advice and services in the integration of new environmental protection enterprise.



CY-house water purification system--real time monitoring,Net enjoyment of the whole house water safety.Adhering to the high quality concept of American life,Protect your home drinking water and domestic water are safe and clean.
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